Megafauna Ice Age Giants

Educational Children’s Book

Author & Illustrator: Laura Ridger

This children’s book was a passion project I created as a self-created brief while at university. Natural history is one of my interests, and educational illustration is something I greatly enjoy doing, so I knew I wanted to combine the two. So while researching, I noticed that all the natural history children’s books were nearly all about dinosaurs and only a few about ice age creatures; so I decided to create one myself!


Graphic Novel

Author & Illustrator: Laura Ridger

Eloriah is my first ever graphic novel and original story, which I created for my Degree’s third year Final Major Project (Illustration and Amination BA – where I received a First Class!). The tradition of whodunnit murder mystery novels is long and varied. Eloriah is based and inspired by this concept of armchair detectives popularised by writers such as Agatha Christie, where the style of misdirection and puzzle-solving made crime writing popular for over a century.

I created Eloriah using traditional crime writing techniques and elements of fantasy and history. I wanted the main character and detective to be a young woman, as they aren’t common in famous detective novels. Through research, I discovered that in the Victorian era, before divorces were readily available, there were ‘divorce detectives’, primarily women, who went undercover to find evidence of affairs, so couples could be granted a divorce. I thought this concept would be a great opening for my character to become a crime detective in a Victorian inspired world where women had fewer freedoms.

Christmas 2021 Postcard for Conran and Partners

The brief for this postcard was an aerial view of a Christmas dinner with food representing the different traditions from countries represented by those working at the practice.

Book Covers

Creating book covers is one of my favourite things to do. I love visualising the authors’ creations and the variety that comes with making individualised book covers. If you need a book cover design, get in touch!

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